NHK News Web Easierイーシア


NHK News Web Easierイーシア is a website targeted at people wishing to learn Japanese. We provide content in the form of text, voice and video to practice written and oral comprehension.

NHK refers to にっぽんほうそうきょうかい (literally Japan Broadasting Corporation), Japan's public broadcasting company. NHK News Web is NHK's website for local Japanese news. News Web Easyイーシー is a simplified version target for Japanese children. It uses simpler words, kanji and sentence structures, and provides readings for all kanjis in the form of furigana (仮名がな).

NHK News Web Easierイーシア regroup content from NHK News Web Easy for a non-Japanese audience, and includes some additional features which are useful for language learners:

NHK News Web Easierイーシア is not affiliated with NHK.